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Gain clarity and control of your law firm’s finances without spending hours on the


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You worked incredibly hard to become a Law Firm owner...


...but Law School never taught you about money.


Does this sound familiar?


You know you need to understand your money, but you’re feeling overwhelmed, like you’re not getting what you need, and afraid to admit that you don’t know how to manage money.


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And if you’re feeling that surge of frustration that keeps coming up to the surface because you’ve tried to figure this stuff out and still feel stuck…

Keep Reading. 

Inside the course:


Uncover and learn how to overcome your money mind blocks



Learn who your key financial players are and how to work with them



Understand the role your books play and how to generate meaningful financial statements that you can actually understand



Our team crunches your data FOR YOU to create a cash management strategy that takes the guesswork out of planning for expenses



Learn about the KPIs (key performance indicators) every law firm should have a visual on

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If instead of feeling overwhelmed, you found yourself:

  • Confidently managing your firm's finances
  • With well thought out plans on who to hire next and when
  • Spending less time in the rearview mirror and more time looking towards the future
  • Feeling like you are able to trust your bookkeeper because you know what to expect from them

So what's this course, anyway? What makes it so special?


This Course Was Designed by the Founder of Core Solutions Group, Inc. and Chief Financial Architect, Chelsea M. Williams.

From Estate Planning, Personal Injury, Litigation, or Divorcethe blueprint is universal for mastering any law firm's financial future.

This course includes the systems and touch stones that Core Solutions Group uses for their clients every single day.

  • Simple tools that will lead you to finical clarity
  • Templates you can customize for your own business that take the guesswork out of reading your financial statements
  • You're ready to stop spinning your wheels and wasting time


The course teaching law firm owners how to makes sense of the numbers WITHOUT getting lost in the books.

How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if:

  • You're a law firm owner that’s ready to get systems to take your business to the next level

  • You don't have clarity around where your money comes from or where it's going

  • You aren't sure if you can afford help

  • You don't feel like you're getting what you need from your current bookkeeper/accountant

  • You're tired of the same old reactive state of your books and your finances

  • You don't understand what your immediate financial future looks like

Not for you if:

  • You're not a law firm owner

  • You are on top of your budget & cash flow

  • You know which matter types yield the most profits

  • Your firm funds your preferred lifestyle

  • If you are not interested in scaling your business


"A common issue for our members is integrating the business of law into their daily practice. Law school doesn’t teach you how to build a budget or handle your firm’s finances, but those become essential skills for many attorneys. Chelsea’s CLE seminar at the CBA did a great job of breaking intimidating financial concepts into digestible pieces of information and tips that attendees could feasibly put into practice immediately. They left armed with not only knowledge but actionable steps they could take to create meaningful financial reports and make their firm more financially sound." 


Hey, I'm Chelsea,


your financial coach & CFO (chief financial officer, that is).


I can’t wait to meet you inside the Law Firm Money Mastery!


I’ve been in the accounting and tax space for over 10 years now and I love what I do. To me it's more than money, it's creating impact.

The day I met the lawyer who changed my life, I was speaking with a local firm located in historic downtown. As I walked up to the door I was excited to see the inside of his office (I’m a lover of old and historic buildings). This particular building was featured on an Abraham Lincoln tour hosted by the city. As I turned the knob to open the door I almost held my breath with excitement.

What I saw next would catch me completely off guard.

The first thing I observed was the piles. Piles of boxes stacked from floor to ceiling. The second thing I observed was the lone receptionist/office manager sitting amidst stacks of papers at an old metal-framed desk. She wore a look of overwhelm as she greeted us.

As I met with this lawyer, he seemed bored with my questions as if he had been doing this for so long that he lost any spark or excitement about practicing his craft. Sensing the overwhelming stench of “hurry up and get this done”, I decided it was time to head out and keep looking.

We stood back at the front desk getting ready to check out when I consciously took another moment to try and appreciate the beauty of this historic building. I took a deep breath and smelled the history. Some of you know what I’m talking about. The smell only an old house or building can give. He even had a gorgeous old hutch off against a wall that would have been such a statement had it not been covered in boxes and papers.

Mr. Lawyer walked into the front area and turned for the stairs, headed to what I can only imagine was another floor of boxes and papers. Before he got too far I stopped him and asked him how long he had been in this building. “30 years” he responded. I then asked, “well you ought to be about ready to hang up your hat and retire, huh?” It was as if the defeat pulled his body down when he lowered his head and shrunk his shoulders. “Oh no, I’ll die at my desk,” he said in a sarcastic manner.

It was at that moment that I realized what I was really trying to do for my clients. This was bigger than their law business, this is about their time and happiness and the ability to retire when and how they want. This is what I intend to do for you.

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The Result? 

Moving forward with financial clarity as a law firm owner.

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Gain clarity and control of your Law Firm's Finances without spending hours in the books.


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